GamesЯBad4U 8: Grand Theft Auto!


What have we learned here today? If you let your child play Grand Theft Auto, he or she will either crash a car, get tasered(in the butt hole), or get kidnapped by unsuspected women kidnappers.

Also, YES, we all know Grand Theft Auto is NOT an RPG. And you all should not let me get away with representing a non-RPG with multiple outcomes again. But if you did like these endings, Masao helped come up with them. He’s brilliant.

GamesЯBad4U 7: Fallout 3!

See what happens when to you when you play Fallout? That’s right… you’ll forget the value of money or video games, get your family kicked out of knock-off Wal-Marts and prioritize insignificant items before things that matter.

More importantly, you’ll have level up in the wasteland enough to survive any threats your siblings plan to make good on.

GamesЯBad4U 6: Sonic the Hedgehog

See what happens when you let your child play Sonic the Hedgehog? A life of crime, THAT’S WHAT. >:|

ALSO, Vasu the jeweller makes a special guest appearance!

GamesЯBad4U 5: Mario Bros.

We thought it would be fun to make this… kind of a continuation from last week’s… Just in case you wonder what the “Snake Bite” thing is about.

GamesЯBad4U 4: Pokemon!

On Week 4 now! I wondered how long it would take before tackling Pokemon!

Have you seen the upcoming Pokemon: Nobunaga’s Ambition game yet? It’s so comparatively bizarre, but that might not be a bad thing.

GamesЯBad4U 3: Shadow of the Colossus!

See what happens when you let your kid play Shadow of the Colossus? They’ll try to take on an exotic animals and believe they have a chance.

GamesЯBad4U 2: Angry Birds!

Oh yeah! If you’re wondering who Jenkins is, that’s their family’s name. The ginger kid is Tom Jenkins… 

GamesЯBad4U 1: The Legend of Zelda!

Some people are OBSESSIVE about rupies…


Stay tuned!