YOU’RE DOIN’ IT WRONG! with Dovahkiin!

You’re Doin’ It Wrong is going to be a new series of strips here on GamesRBad4U with a different concept. AnodyneEra came up with the concept of this series, by the way.

GamesЯBad4U 9: Smash Bros. Brawl

What happens if you let your kid play Smash Bros? A ruined family vacation, that’s what. >:T

Masao, AnodyneEra, and I have all been to Rock City at some point. This is a real place. It’s kind of like a natural roadside attraction in Chattanooga Tennessee. Lover’s Leap, Fatman Squeeze, the Needle’s Eye, See Seven States, and others.. they are all real things.

Here are some shots from the real place:

Swing-A-Long Bridge

Lover's Leap

Fatman Squeeze

GamesЯBad4U 8: Grand Theft Auto!


What have we learned here today? If you let your child play Grand Theft Auto, he or she will either crash a car, get tasered(in the butt hole), or get kidnapped by unsuspected women kidnappers.

Also, YES, we all know Grand Theft Auto is NOT an RPG. And you all should not let me get away with representing a non-RPG with multiple outcomes again. But if you did like these endings, Masao helped come up with them. He’s brilliant.

GamesЯBad4U 7: Fallout 3!

See what happens when to you when you play Fallout? That’s right… you’ll forget the value of money or video games, get your family kicked out of knock-off Wal-Marts and prioritize insignificant items before things that matter.

More importantly, you’ll have level up in the wasteland enough to survive any threats your siblings plan to make good on.

GamesЯBad4U 6: Sonic the Hedgehog

See what happens when you let your child play Sonic the Hedgehog? A life of crime, THAT’S WHAT. >:|

ALSO, Vasu the jeweller makes a special guest appearance!

Only 5 more days!

We’ll be posting our first strip on New Years and we’re very excited!

But let me take a moment to introduce ourselves. 

We are Pirrip and Masao from, and AnodyneEra (on Xbox Lixe).

We all consider ourselves pretty avid gamers, and we thought it’d be fun to make a comic strip satirizing the notion that video games turn children to monsters.

I(Pirrip) write, draw, ink, colour, and edit the strip. Masao, my partner, and I draw fan doujinshi(self-made manga) together throughout the year. But for this strip Masao and his brother, AnodyneEra, both have helped to develop the concept for it and its overall plot and themes.

Games we’re playing at the moment:


-Monster Hunter Tri(Wii), soon to be playing 999(DS)


-Rune Factory(DS), Muramasa(Wii)


-Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim(Xbox 360), Saints Row III(Xbox 360)

Stay tuned!