GamesЯBad4U 9: Smash Bros. Brawl

What happens if you let your kid play Smash Bros? A ruined family vacation, that’s what. >:T

Masao, AnodyneEra, and I have all been to Rock City at some point. This is a real place. It’s kind of like a natural roadside attraction in Chattanooga Tennessee. Lover’s Leap, Fatman Squeeze, the Needle’s Eye, See Seven States, and others.. they are all real things.

Here are some shots from the real place:

Swing-A-Long Bridge

Lover's Leap

Fatman Squeeze

GamesЯBad4U 5: Mario Bros.

We thought it would be fun to make this… kind of a continuation from last week’s… Just in case you wonder what the “Snake Bite” thing is about.

Stay tuned!