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GamesЯBad4U 25: Kingdom Hearts WTF

Here’s a relevant link AlmightyFunk sent to me last week. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incidents_at_Walt_Disney_World_Resort

Also, Masao and I are at Seishun-Con in Atlanta, GA right now! 

GamesЯBad4U 24: Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy has been rewarding senseless violence against cacti since FFVI, if I recall correctly.

So many things you could do with a Final Fantasy strip… I expect I’ll be making another one sometime. ^_^

GamesЯBad4U 23: Batman Arkham Asylum
What happens if you let your kid play the new Batman games? How about letting a murderer loose. Yeah. That’s what. 

If you’re wondering why he’s been jailed, see last week’s episode.
GamesЯBad4U 22: God of War

That kid has such terrible luck with snakes.

GamesЯBad4U 20: Persona 3

The evoker joke’s not new… so I decided to take it somewhere else.

ALSO, since this comic can be read for its narrative, I’ve decided to implement navigation links at the bottom of every strip so you can to read this GamesЯBad4U series in order. For example, if you go a few strips back, you can see why Tommy’s sister is in bandages.

YOU’RE DOIN’ IT WRONG! with Dovahkiin!

You’re Doin’ It Wrong is going to be a new series of strips here on GamesRBad4U with a different concept. AnodyneEra came up with the concept of this series, by the way.

GamesЯBad4U 19: Metal Gear Solid
Jenkins Family Photo by *Pirrip

Stay tuned!