Does this still exist? If not do you do any other sort of work?! I really like the style!

I’ve kind of stopped for a while, but am still interested in making a strip for this every so often. There’s been a lot going on in our lives as well as other projects—Masao and I have moved once and are planning to move again next month to Japan. But I have a few strips in progress and will upload them little by little and I finish them.

We do have other work, however, our other stuff doesn’t really look like the style of this strip. If you’re still interested, you can see our stuff here:

Also, I really like your username—By any chance, is it a reference to the Pink Floyd song about the death of Roger Water’s father during WWII in Italy? 

EDIT: Done for now! Thanks for stopping by everyone!

May hop back on livestream in the next day or two to finish.

GamesЯBad4U 25: Kingdom Hearts WTF

Here’s a relevant link AlmightyFunk sent to me last week.

Also, Masao and I are at Seishun-Con in Atlanta, GA right now! 

Going to Seishun-Con!


We’re going to Seishun-Con this weekend! It’s a very young but very nice anime and gaming convention taking place in the Double-Tree hotel in Atlanta, GA.

Masao and I(Pirrip) will be selling some of our comics, prints, and taking on-site commissions in the convention’s Artist Alley! And of course, we’ll be passing out GamesRBad4U flyers. ;)

If you’re local, it’s cheap and a fun way to spend the weekend. Come see us!

Here’s what the flyer looks like. 

GamesЯBad4U 24: Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy has been rewarding senseless violence against cacti since FFVI, if I recall correctly.

So many things you could do with a Final Fantasy strip… I expect I’ll be making another one sometime. ^_^

What games should we expect to be covered in future comics? No need for specific titles, vague clues are acceptable.

Mainly, we want to do comics about games we like.

But you can expect to see:

  • more very popular games
  • more cult hits and sleeper hits
  • newly released games

More specifically, I can tell you to expect at least one based on a Valve game. Expect an Assassin’s Creed one in the future, as well as Kingdom Hearts and Monster Hunter.

We also get a lot of requests to do a specific game or game series, so sometimes we’ll pick one off of the list and do it if we think it’s a good idea.


Love your art style. Is it more anime influenced or western comic style?

Firstly, thanks. Secondly, while I enjoy and admire both eastern and western artists, I am more personally influenced by more Japanese and other eastern illustration styles. However, the layout and style of GamesRBad4U I made this way so it might be better received by western audiences I think.  


GamesЯBad4U 23: Batman Arkham Asylum
What happens if you let your kid play the new Batman games? How about letting a murderer loose. Yeah. That’s what. 

If you’re wondering why he’s been jailed, see last week’s episode.

I get lots of questions about how I draw or colour GamesЯBad4U, so I recorded this during a livestream and sped it up so you can see the process here. :)

If you want to see me skip right to the colouring, it’s around 6:16 in.

Materials: Cardstock paper, pencil, Copic multiliner pens, Copic Sketch alcohol markers.

You can see the finished strip HERE.

That’s right. Markers.


I just came from kotaku. Nice comics. And the videos how you draw it are cool. BTW why is the girl in the comics injured? Is that some real-life thing?

That injury goes back to the Dead Space episode. This comic kind of tells a story. It has a plot and events happen in it that affect the future. 

Stay tuned!